Jared is given a cat, and names it after his real life cat.

ARIES!! | Stardew Valley #5
Upload Date March 7th 2016
Series Stardew Valley


Synopsis Edit

Jared likes the fact that he now gets a cat. He names it Aries, just like his real life cat! All Aries does is sleep in the corner next to the fireplace. Jared is happy. Jared gets billed for becoming exhausted the previous night!

Jared gets back to his farm duties. He waters his plants and fertilized the cauliflower like a smart person. Jared cuts down trees and bushes. Jared can't wait to be able to catch butterflies. Jared is exhausted and it isn't even noon yet! Jared found out how to make survival burgers! Everything is starting to come together. There is a lot to do.

Jared finds a rabbit statue. He doesn't know what they mean. Jared heads down a path, where he found a leak that he sold for a lot of money. He finds a cute salesperson. He finds how to build his coop. Jared likes how active the townspeople are. He interrupts himself when he sees a bunny, and yells for it. He tries to catch it but can't.

The blacksmith just closed. He buys some seeds that need to be planted in summer. Jared would recommend this game to people. Jared interacts with some villagers. Jared finds that Pierre's is closed on Wednesdays!

He decides to head back to the farm and do some more work. He cuts down another tree and goes to bed. He turns the TV on while playing with his cat. He levels up his mining.

The next day begins, and Jared picks his potatoes and sells them. Aries walks around making Jared happy! Jared chops down a tree to reveal Grandpa's shrine. Jared has three years before he comes back! Jared finds an awesome fishing spot. Jared investigates around the lake, getting distracted. Jared finds that he can shake trees. He treats it like Animal Crossing. He finds some spring onions. Jared finds Leah, who is a better farmer than he is!

Jared finds some kids around the sewers. The plot thickens as there is something in the sewers. Jared will be playing a lot more of this game in his own time. Jared buys a lot of seeds. Jared discusses how he will play this game more on Twitch.

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