This is the third part of the All-Star Improv Comedy show featuring Jared, brentalfloss, Mark Meer and Doug Walker. Also check out the first and second parts.

All-Star Improv Comedy Show (Part 3/4) - ConBravo!
Upload Date August 7th 2013
Series Improv


Synopsis Edit

Jared will be playing the next game.

Dime Store Novel Edit

Someone suggests Margaret Atwood's biography. The hosts types the novel on his typewriter. Margaret decides to go for a stroll. Jared says hi as he walks past her. Margaret's best friend ignores her. She decides to do her favorite activity. She decides to write a sad novel.

Her friends were jealous when they came to see her. Jared throws a Molotov cocktail at her! Maragret's house is set on fire, and she leaves her flaming house with a gun. Margaret sees someone who looks like her best friend, but with a mustache. She shoots them without holding a gun!

Margaret piles up the corpses. Margaret continues to write her book. Jared enters as the police, who has received complaints about smelling corpses. He gives her a warning. One of the corpses starts to come back to life.

Film / TV / Game Genres Edit

Mark returns to the stage.

The audience suggests genres for the performers to act to. The performers will perform to Saved by the Bell. Two of the performers haven't seen Saved by the Bell! The first scene is western. None of them have seen Saved by the Bell!

Mark folds out all of his many weapons like a transformer. The next scene is a cat woman scene followed by foreign. They speak in French accents. The cat says meow several times. Dora the Explorer is the next scene, and the cat has a theme song for some reason. They look for the cat.

The performers plan to kill the cat. With torture porn! The next scene is a musical, and Mark sings about skinning a cat.

The audience complains about how the scene had nothing to do with Saved by the Bell.

Soundtrack Edit

The actors will be performing a scene, and the scene will freeze to perform a soundtrack for the scene.

The scene will be about awkward silence. Jared walks in on two silent people, and they awkwardly talk. One of them has bought cannoli.

Jared has bought the money needed to protect his family, but wasn't told that he needs to pay interest. Jared turns on them. He shows Jared pictures of his kids. The tables have turned again, and Jared is jealous of the kids. Jared is baron, so the others offer Jared a child!

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