Jared says goodbye to Purtwom and is worried about seeing May.

PART 10: Shaking Things Up
Upload Date January 12th 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Zigzagoon (Ulindap, Route 117, Lv 13)

Geodude (Cordy, Route 111, Lv 14)

Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 22), Daybo (Lv 20), Rolic (Lv 21), Purtwom (Lv 20), Zimzy (Lv 21)
Ending team Ghim (Lv 23), Daybo (Lv 22), Rolic (Lv 23), Zimzy (Lv 22), Cordy (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 20)

Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Badges 3
Locations Mauville City, Route 117, Verdanturf Town, Route 111

Synopsis Edit

Jared doesn't remember much more of the game from here. Jared arrives at the Day Care Center. Jared fights a triathlete. Jared finds a Zigzagoon in the grass. Jared wants a Moon Stone for Purtwom. Jared levels up Ulindap to catch her up to the rest of the team, and evolves. Jared is disappointed in Ulindap's stats.

Jared arrives in Verdanturf Town. Jared leaves, as there is nothing of interest to him here. Jared finds a Team Aqua member at the north of Mauville City. He arrives at Route 111. Jared doesn't want to talk to the old man with the Pikachu shirt.

Jared finds some rocks to smash, and aims for a Geodude. He captures it. Jared laughs as he finds the name Cordy hilarious.

It hurts Jared that Purtwom isn't a good idea to carry with him. He decides to raise her in the Day Care Center. Jared is sad to see her go. Cordy takes her place. A trainer sees him without even looking at him, and Jared calls hacks! Cordy gets to use Magnetude on a Plusle. Cordy takes a heavy hit from an Illumise, but it is still free experience.

Jared is nervous as he sees May. He doesn't want to fight her. She restores his health and gives him Strength instead!

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