Jared visits Mount Chimney, and discovers his secret base.

PART 11: Sekerete Bases
Upload Date January 14th 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Machop (Tragg, Route 112, Lv 16)

Numel (Fibboo, Fiery Path, Lv 14)

Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 23), Daybo (Lv 22), Rolic (Lv 23), Zimzy (Lv 22), Cordy (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 20)

Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Ending team Ghim (Lv 24), Daybo (Lv 23), Rolic (Lv 23), Zimzy (Lv 22), Cordy (Lv 20), Ulindap (Lv 20)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Fibboo (Lv 14) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Badges 3
Locations Route 112, Firey Path, Route 111

Synopsis Edit

Jared arrives at Route 112. He runs into the grass and finds a Machop. Jared is worried that he will kill Machop. Jared begins to climb Mount Chimney. He heads into the Fiery Path. Jared finds a Numel inside. Jared has never used a Numel, and is tempted to go back to use one.

Jared wants to fight the Team Aqua members, but they don't want to fight, forcing Jared to take the Firey Path. Jared finds a rock to use Strength on, but he can't use Strength outside of battle yet. Jared is disappointed because he could have caught Slugma. Jared exits the Fiery Path.

Cordy hits himself when battling a hiker's Mightyena. Ghim likes to party as he is sent out to finish the job. Jared is confused as he finds himself back on Route 111.

Jared finds someone doing something to a tree. Jared remembers the Secret Bases. Jared starts on his secret base. He says Bagoom when he is happy. Jared shows the QR code for his secret base.

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