Jared fights the Team Aqua Admin on the top of Mt. Chimney.

Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke - PART 13: Crushin' It
Upload Date January 19th 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 25), Daybo (Lv 24), Rolic (Lv 25), Zimzy (Lv 24), Cordy (Lv 26), Fibboo (Lv 20)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Ending team Ghim (Lv 26), Daybo (Lv 24), Rolic (Lv 26), Zimzy (Lv 24), Cordy (Lv 28), Fibboo (Lv 22)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Badges 3
Locations Mauville City, Route 112, Mt Chimney

Synopsis Edit

Now Jared can go to Mt. Chimney. Jared rides the cable car. Everyone is fighting with Poochyena's! Jared can't get past them! Jared fights a Team Aqua grunt - who has a Poochyena.

He battles the admin again. Fibboo uses Magnitude 10! Zimzy defeats Carvanha. Jared finds the Team Aqua leader, and wants to push him into lava. They battle. Cordy hits itself in its confusion, and Jared decides to swap it out. Mightyena keeps using Roar, giving all of Jared's team experience. Rolic gets the final hit in with a Rock Smash critical hit. Cordy Rock Tomb's Golbat despite being confused.

Sharpedo arrives - it is higher leveled than Jared was expecting! It freezes Rolic and almost kills him! Daybo comes out, but is hit with a heavy Assurance. Ghim is then almost killed. Jared was not expecting such a tough fight. Leaf Blade kills Sharpedo, and Ghim barely survives the Rough Skin.

The Admin gets a phone call from someone wanting to hang out. Jared tries to push the machine into the lava.

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