Jared takes on Flannery, the fire gym leader.

Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke - PART 14: Highly Impractical
Upload Date January 21st 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Spoink (GobSnamch, Jagged Pass, Lv 20)
Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 26), Daybo (Lv 24), Rolic (Lv 26), Zimzy (Lv 24), Cordy (Lv 28), Fibboo (Lv 22)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Ending team Ghim (Lv 27), Daybo (Lv 27), Rolic (Lv 29), Zimzy (Lv 26), Cordy (Lv 28), Fibboo (Lv 27)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16), GobSnamch (Lv 20) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Badges 4 (Heat Badge)
Locations Jagged Pass, Route 112, Lavaridge Town, Petalburg City

Synopsis Edit

Jared finds a Spoink on the Jagged Pass. Jared has never used a Spoink before. Fibboo accidentally burns it, almost killing the Spoink, but Jared manages to capture it.

Jared is excited to finally be at Lavaridge Town. He is desperate to heal his Pokémon. He jumps into the hot spring, and asks if any ladies want to get into the hot spring with him! Jared doesn't want the egg to hatch. Jared decides that he is not ready for the next gym, and goes to grind.

Jared heads into the gym, and Jared falls down a hole. Jared's cat drops things in the background. Eventually, Jared comes across his first trainer. Rolic kills the low leveled Numel. Jared is annoyed at a trainer under the water that should have drowned! Jared gets ready for the battle with Flannery.

Flannery sends out Slugma. Jared uses Rolic. Jared starts with Water Sport., but Slugma has Light Screen. The Bubble Beam doesn't quite one-shot it, and Slugma uses Sunny Day! Bubble Beam no longer is as effective, and Slugma is healed. Rolic soon takes Slugma down.

Torkoal is the next Pokemon. Jared continues with Water Sport, while Torkoal overheats. Bubble Beam gives a lot of damage to Torkoal, which uses Sunny Day again, and Rolic follows up with another Bubble Beam.

Numel is the last Pokemon, and Jared becomes confident. Rolic one-shots Numel. Flannery is not very good, and Jared wins the Heat Badge. Jared accidentally falls down a hole on his way out!

May bothers Jared again. Jared finds the Go-Goggles amusing. Jared goes to Petalburg City to fight his dad. Jared wonders if he is ready for the next gym right away.

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