Jared fights his dad for the fifth badge and is caught off guard by a Slaking.

Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke - PART 15: Retaliate
Upload Date January 23rd 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths Ghim (Lv 28)
Starting team Ghim (Lv 28), Daybo (Lv 28), Rolic (Lv 29), Zimzy (Lv 28), Cordy (Lv 28), Fibboo (Lv 28)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16), GobSnamch (Lv 20) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Ending team Rolic (Lv 31), Zimzy (Lv 29), Cordy (Lv 29), Fibboo (Lv 30)

Box: Tragg (Lv 16), Tinswoob (Lv 16), Ulindap (Lv 21), Srawling (Lv 16), GobSnamch (Lv 20) Day Care: Purtwom (Lv 21)

Badges 5 (Balance Badge)
Locations Petalburg City

Synopsis Edit

After leveling up a little bit, Jared is ready for the next gym. Jared heads into the "Accuracy Room". Jared tries to simply walk past the trainer. It doesn't work. Fibboo burns Delcatty, but it doesn't do much damage. He follows up by using Magnitude. Delcatty keeps on trying to use Attract, which doesn't work on Fibboo.

Jared heads into the Defense room. Fibboo takes on Linoon with Fire Blast. It burns Linoone. Fibboo is hit with 5 Fury Swipes. Jared goes to the Strength room, ignoring the One Hit KO room! Fibboo buns Zangoose and defeats it. Jared goes to heal, before battling his father.

Jared becomes concerned as Slaking is sent out. Fibboo is almost killed with Retaliate, and does very little damage in return. Jared swaps out for Daybo. Slaking Retaliates again, and Daybo misses poisoning Slaking twice in a row! Jared tries to come up with a strategy, and uses Ghim, who is killed in one hit!

Jared is terrified. Zimzy is next, who reduces Slaking's stats. Zimzy gets a critical hit with Volt Switch. Rolic comes out as Slaking is healed! Zimzy continues to lower its attack, but Slaking is just using Yawn. Rolic and Zimzy continue to switch between each other to finish off Slaking.

Vigoroth is the second opponent. It also has Retaliate! Zimzy continues to lower its attack. Daybo poisons Vigoroth as Vigoroth continues to Retaliate. Encore is used to force Daybo to only use Poisonpowder. Rolic uses Bubble Beam to kill the Vigoroth.

The final Pokémon is another stronger Slaking! Daybo is killed by a Retaliate! Retaliate is not a fighting move! Zimzy lowers Slaking's attack, and survives a Retaliate. Cordy is sent out. Cordy uses Rock Tomb. Fibboo is sent out to remove Cordy's confusion. Cordy uses Magnitude 8. Cordy continues to be confused, but gets the Rock Tomb off, beating the Slaking.

Jared weakly brags that he beat Norman. Jared receives the Balance Badge. Wally appears. Jared is given Surf.

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