Jared fights in a double battle, and prepares for his first gym of the game.

PART 3: Double Battle
Upload Date December 12th 2014
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 10), Daybo (Lv 9), Rolic (Lv 9), Warlon (Lv 7), Surfnfly (Lv 8), Slurmph (Lv 5)
Ending team Ghim (Lv 12), Daybo (Lv 10), Rolic (Lv 11), Warlon (Lv 10), Surfnfly (Lv 11), Slurmph (Lv 8)
Badges 0
Locations Petalburg Woods, Route 104, Rustboro City

Synopsis Edit

Jared checks out Slurmph's stat. He realizes that his entire team is filled with dudes! A professor wants a Shroomish, but a Team Aqua member ambushes. Jared is amused by the odd cutscene. Jared battles the Team Aqua grunt. Jared tests out his team, and lowers Poochyena's attack.

Poochyena constantly raises its attack, and Ghim finally knocks it out. Jared is given the Exp. Share, and turns it off because it makes the game easier. Jared leaves the woods to Route 104. He battles a Zigzagoon. Daybo evolves into Dustox.

There is a double battle ahead. These are dangerous in Nuzlockes. Ghim and Warlon fight a Seedot and Lotad. Jared's team dominates the fight particularly with Warlon's Bite causing the opposition to flinch.

Jared reaches Rustboro City. Jared meets up with May. Jared is given Cut, which is taught to Slurmph. Jared is disappointed that he isn't allowed to trade his Slakoth for Makuhita. Jared enters the gym, and sees the leader as soon as he enters. He battles the first trainer. This kid only has Geodudes.

Surfnfly Water Guns the first, and Rolic Absorbs the second. Jared estimates how high leveled Roxanne's team may be. Jared is surprised that he has an entire team at the first gym! After easily defeating many Geodude's, Jared decides that it is time to fight Roxanne - right after he heals!

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