Jared rants about the Pokémon he hates as he grinds!

PART 8: Unpopular Opinions
Upload Date January 7th 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 18), Daybo (Lv 18), Rolic (Lv 19), Purtwom (Lv 18), Zimzy (Lv 18)
Ending team Ghim (Lv 19), Daybo (Lv 19), Rolic (Lv 20), Purtwom (Lv 18), Zimzy (Lv 20)
Badges 2
Locations Route 110

Synopsis Edit

Jared makes noises as he begins the episode. Jared grinds for the next gym. Jared decides that he hates a lot of Pokémon that everyone loves. Jared hates how everyone loves Charizard because he's a dragon, but he's not really a dragon! It is overrated. Only Rathalos was cool, and Ash's Charizard because he always tried to kill Ash!

Jared complains about Blaziken. He's dumb! All the fire types are Fire / Flying. He looks dumb. Jared didn't evolve his Torchic, because he thought Torchic was cute. Ruby and Sapphire were among Jared's least favorite games. Diamond and Pearl are also bad. He hates these games because there is too much water. IGN was right! Dive is stupid. You spend several hours on the water fighting water things!

Jared is not looking forward to diving later in the game. Dive isn't even as good as Surf! It is almost as bad as Defog. Jared didn't even finish Diamond and Pearl because of Defog.

Jared complains about Gyarados. He has never been a dragon type, but he's just Water / Flying. Everyone who talks about how cool Gyarados makes Jared not like him. Speaking of dragons, Jared hates Dragonite. Charizard looks more like a dragon than Dragonite does. Dragonite sucks. New Pokémon are dumb too.

Jared complains about how Lucario isn't cool at all. He's playable in Smash Brothers Brawl, but not Mewtwo! Mewtwo is way cooler than Lucario. What are you supposed to do with the spike on the back of a hand?

Jared hates Gardevior because all the Pokémon fans want to make her sexy with Gardevoir porn. Jared tells Future Jared to show some Gardevoir porn, but covered with Ross's face! Jared does not approve of this.

Jared talks about how dumb and weird the legendaries got. Keogre and Groudon are cool. Tornados and the others are genie like Pokémon. What is that all about? They look like Dragon Quest knock-off enemies, not Pokémon! Jared hates Deoxys. It's just some gooey monster. Arceus being the Pokémon god is stupid. It was already established that Mew was the Pokémon that started all the Pokémon DNA.

Jared ends the video by hating on Pikachu!

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