Jared hates Wally, and battles the electric gym.

PART 9: No Hugs
Upload Date January 9th 2015
Series Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Ghim (Lv 20), Daybo (Lv 20), Rolic (Lv 20), Purtwom (Lv 20), Zimzy (Lv 20)
Ending team Ghim (Lv 22), Daybo (Lv 20), Rolic (Lv 21), Purtwom (Lv 20), Zimzy (Lv 21)
Badges 3 (Dynamo Badge)
Locations Mauville City

Synopsis Edit

Jared feels that level 20 is good for the gym. He is forced to talk to Wally. Wally can barely throw the Poké Ball and he looks terrified! Rolic easily defeats Ralts. Jared wants Wally to cry. Jared does not want to hug him and will not notice him. Jared receives Rock Smash, which could be useful.

Jared rocks out with the guitarist in the gym. Jared doesn't have anything that is good against Steel and Electric. Zimzy grinds Magnemite down. Jared is surprised as he makes it to the gym leader so quickly. Zimzy will lead going into the battle.

Jared battles Wattson, and Jared is shocked at the strange camera switch.

Zimzy fights Magnemite. Jared doesn't have anything that can help him against Magnemite. Jared decides to force Magnemite to Tackle, while Jared switches to Rolic and uses Rock Smash. Jared is annoyed as Wattson uses a Super Potion. Another Rock Smash finishes Magnemite off.

Voltorb is out next, and Jared switches to Ghim. Volt Switch doesn't do much damage, and Magneton is switched in. Supersonic is Magneton's secret weapon, and Jared doesn't want to mess with that. Daybo is sent out. Daybo becomes Confused, and uses Confusion. Ghim returns, and another Volt Switch is used. Ghim uses a strong Mega Drain, and a turn later, defeats Voltorb.

Back to Magneton, Mega Drain continues to do a lot of damage. Supersonic hits again, and Jared switches back to Zimzy. Zimzy uses Encore to force Magneton to repeat its Magnet Bombs. Magnet Bomb does a Critical Hit on Ghim, doing a lot of damage. Jared stumbles over his words as he tries to say Mega Drain. Ghim has to be switched.

Jared goes with the Encore plan, and switch to Rolic. Zimzy barely survives from a critical hit. Jared realizes that Rolic is part water, and this should have been the plan all along. Jared wins with Rock Smash and a critical hit. Jared receives the Dynamo Badge.

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