Jared gets covered in goo and bones as he battles the Nakarkos.

An UNDEAD Monster!? [Nakarkos Hunt] ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date August 22nd 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Ceanataur S

Weapon: Burning Prominar Hunter Style: Striker

Synopsis Edit

Jared is as always joined by Josh and Austin. They have reached the end of hunter rank 7. Josh and Austin are so excited that they dance. To end the level, they need to hunt Nakarkos. Jared hopes this will be harder. Jared doesn't have much health and has to heal.

They head to Nakarkos. Josh wonders if it has a face. Jared collects ballista shots after they get dropped. A tentacle breaks off. Jared shoots from a turret. Austin explains how he was being dragged around by Nakarkos. Another tentacle is broken. Nakardos falls over. Jared puts down some traps. Nakardos attacks from under the ground, but Jared blocks it. Jared gets gooped and gets covered in bones. Josh kicks Jared to get the bones off.

They finally see its gross face. It looks like Chuthulu. Jared tries his best to stay away from the blue goo. Josh gets stuck in its mouth. Jared wants to try a anti-dragon bomb. Josh breaks another tentacle. The mist has gone.

Suddenly, the Nakarkos falls down. Jared and Josh both climb up, and Jared can place his bombs. The blue mist returns. Jared heads to a gun to start shooting, but the Nakarkos starts a lightning storm above Jared! Nakarkos starts a laser light show! Jared continues to harvest ballista shots. Austin takes heavy damage.

Jared gets knocked around by the Nakarkos. Jared fights one of the tentacles. A tentacle breaks off. Jared tries to use a gun that Austin is using. Josh hits him hard and breaks off a tentacle. Jared battles underneath. Nakarkos falls down, and Josh and Jared fight on top of it. They kill Nakardos. The mountain around them is destroyed.

They harvest all the bits! Jared finds its soul! They check out the awesome armor. Jared is now Hunter Rank 40. A bit of a jump from 7! Jared bites his tongue, ruining his outro.

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