Jared dies a lot and wastes his bombs.

Annnnd I'm Stuck ¦ Legend of Zelda RANDOMIZED #5
Upload Date November 11th 2016
Series Legend of Zelda RANDOMIZED!


Synopsis Edit

Jared has found dungeon 4. Jared realizes that he probably needs to get the step ladder from somewhere else. Jared kills Dodongo and gets stuck. He facepalms."Womp womp!" Jared used "*wasted" all his bombs on Dodongo, and can't attempt to blow up walls. None of the walls blow up.

Jared goes to the graveyard and kills all the ghosts to get bombs. He shows a trick that involves only killing the original ghost. They don't drop bombs. Jared finds a heart container.

After finally getting bombs, Jared finds Spectacle Rock. "More like Testicle Rock!" "Ya know, because they look like balls!" Jared dies before he can place his bomb. Jared has 32 deaths so far! Jared wins in a money making game.

Jared wonders why the zoras were assholes and became friendly in other games. Jared gives himself a rapper's name. "You've heard rappers before? That's surprising!" Jared wastes his bombs and chases a fairy. Jared finds another stack of bombs. "Now you're four bombs Jared." Jared gets excited after finding another heart container. After trying to blow up more walls, Jared walks into a centaur and dies. "Wow! What a show of skill!"

Jared wants a shield, but it is too expensive. "Seriously! What a bitch!" Another shield is even more expensive. Jared finds dungeon 5.

"Hi! I'm a very old lady in a cave. And I'm here to tell you about clicking videos! Not only does clicking videos make you cool it also makes you more attractive! So go ahead, be cool and attractive! Or you could just not click a video. And be ugly and lame! Your call."

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