Jared finds the master key, and the red candle so he can start burning trees down as he searches for more dungeons.

Arsonist at Large ¦ Legend of Zelda RANDOMIZED #4
Upload Date November 10th 2016
Series Legend of Zelda RANDOMIZED


Synopsis Edit

Jared finds the compass immediately. Jared is killed by snakes. He has to stay with his current bad controller. Jared stumbles across digdogger, and is glad that he had the flute to be able to battle it. Jared defeats it, and gets a key. Jared is amazed to find the master key, so he doesn't need to get any more keys for the rest of the game! "Yeah suck it locked doors!"

Jared gets the heart container. The triforce room has 5 dollars! Jared searches the rest of the dungeon and is killed by boomerang throwers. Jared wonders why enemies have weird names. He inspects the rest of the dungeons. He finds the timer to easily take out the enemies holding the Triforce piece. It looks like Link obtained a fire flower. "No that's nacho cheese powder from the giant dorito!"

Jared leaves the dungeon and finds a secret worth 39 dollars. Jared finds the red candle. Jared uses it - only to set himself on fire. Jared finds a lot of centaurs, and realizes that he shouldn't be here. Jared luckily finds the stopwatch and gets to kill them all. Jared finds enough hearts to stop the beeping. "The beeping never really stops!" Jared is killed by a centaur.

Jared finds a secret worth 74 dollars. Jared sets off to find the blue ring, and hopes that the bow isn't one of his last items again! Jared eventually finds the waterfall, and buys the blue ring. Jared forgets where dungeon 5 was. "I called that shit last episode!"

Link starts burning the forest and is wanted for arson. Jared finds the white sword! "So much progress for one episode!" Jared continues to search for dungeons. Jared needed the candle to get to the candle lady! A moblin takes Jared's last dollar. "Our last dollar?! Who does he think he is?! The moblin of Venice!"

Jared finds level 7, knowing that he can't do that dungeon yet. Jared likes the idea of that location being used as a dungeon. Jared continues searching. "Nope just an old useless man." Jared doesn't want to talk to moblins. Jared thinks about returning to the centaurs. "They still hit centhard!" Jared asks what happens on Death Mountain. "DEATH? I had a hunch!" Jared finds level 4 and thinks he can do it.

"Hey did you click that video last time? Because if you didn't I need to stab you! Or I guess give you a second chance. Well what are you waiting for?! Click a damn video or get stabbed! Now you cheeky goon!"

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