Jared, Josh and Austin continue fighting new powerful monsters in Monster Hunter Generations.

Astalos Hunt ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date July 14th 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Skalda

Weapon: Raven Blade Hunter Style: Guild

Synopsis Edit

Jared, Josh (Shyun) and Austin (Tadorin) continue playing Monster Hunter Generations. Josh is having a party. They will now fight the Astalos - another monster Jared has not yet fought. Josh finds the monster, and wants the others to hurry up to help.

Austin will take off the horn, while Jared aims for the tail. They knock the Astalos over and piss it off. Jared hits the Astalos with a trap, making it fall to the ground. A balloon is nearby watching the battle nearby! They are all caught off guard by a painful electrical attack. Josh takes a heavy hit as he gets thrown into a rock. The Astalos flies away, and Jared uses the time to heal.

They start the battle again in a cave, and Austin tries his best to stun the Astalos. He eventually succeeds, and they all attack. Josh is almost killed. Jared gets confused and is almost killed. They both heal. The Astalos makes a sword out of its head and attacks Austin. Jared cuts off its tail, before mounting it. The subquest is complete. The Astalos soon goes down. Jared is amused as both himself and Austin are trampled by the Astalos corpse.

They check out their new armor they got from the Astalos. Jared asks what Chain crit is. The Astalos Guards have an awesome demon hand on them.

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