Jared enjoys his time playing a fan made Final Fantasy VII game.

Awesome Fan Game! | Final Fantasy VII Re-Imagined
Upload Date August 14th 2015
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared finds this fan made game to be the most awesome thing ever, because it is a beat-em up! He plays as Cloud. This reminds Jared of Dungeons and Dragons or Tower of Doom for Arcade. Jared likes the art style. This game is still a work in progress, and there may be some bugs. Jared wins the first fight, and the Final Fantasy victory theme plays.

Jared experiments with the fire move and the ice move which freezes an enemy in place. Jared is excited when he sees the lightning damage on his enemies. While fighting a helicopter enemy, Jared decides to show off Barret, who comes in to shoot everything. Jared dies, and Jared states that this game is hard, and he hasn't been able to defeat the demo yet.

Jared spends a lot of time discussing the mechanics of the game. He notices the red orbs are giving him health. The game feels awesome on a controller. Jared starts to die again, and calls Barret, but it doesn't help, and he dies. He returns and beats them.

He finds a platforming section and dashes across the pit. Jared is surprised at how long this level is, and accidentally summons Barret again. Jared gets stuck in place for a moment, but gets out. He finds a boss. He instantly uses Barret to shoot at it. Some dudes appear, and Jared struggles on them. The fight is very difficult, and Jared tries desperately to get health back on the dudes that spawn. He dies.

He starts back at the boss again, and decides to solely focus on the boss. The boss gets stuck, and Jared tries to get past the other enemies to get to it, but can't, so he uses Barret a lot. Jared accidentally summons someone else. Jared is close to winning, but eventually he manages to take the boss down.

Jared wants to find out what Tifa is like. Jared thinks he likes Tifa more because she is so much faster. Jared had an idea back in the day to make a similar game to this with Final Fantasy VI, and he was learning how to use Flash in order to create it.

Jared says that there is only a matter of time before Square Enix finds this, and they will shut this down. Jared just wanted to show it off because it was really cool.

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