Jared shows the best battle he fought during his Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist livestream as a finale.

BEST Duel ever! Yugi vs Kaiba! ¦ Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist FINALE
Upload Date September 6th 2016
Series Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist


Synopsis Edit

Jared finished playing the rest of Yu-Gi-Oh! on a livestream. As a finale to this series, this is the best duel from it that is so good that Jared could never recreate it. Jared reads the story. Joey gets sent to the hospital!

Yugi fights Seto Kaiba. Jared defeats Kaiba's first monster. Jared has a terrible hand and has to buy himself time. Jared activates card destruction, and both sides redraw. Jared had to sacrifice his Sky Dragon. Jared is disappointed when he realizes that he has to summon King's Knight.

Jared realizes that he got rid of Abylus the Tormentor! Kaiba can attack again and attacks with all his monsters. It activates a trap card, which clears Kaiba's field. Kaiba can re-summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in defense mode. Jared wonders what the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is able to do. Jared discovers that he has a second Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Jared summons the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Red-Eyes Black Dragon has an animation that it uses to destroy its opponent. It continues to obliterate Kaiba's cards. Jared summons Queen's Knight, and helps Red-Eyes destroy more monsters. The chat tells Jared that he was doing the wrong attack with Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Kaiba re-summons Obelisk the Tormentor, which destroys all of Jared's attacking cards! It was a really big play!

Jared plans to use Kuribo, but it is sacrificed. Jared is excited when Soul Charge appears. He can summon any number of cards from his graveyard. Jared chooses his cards, and summons the monsters to the field. Jared tributes his monsters to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon. Jared's Red Eyes Black Dragon is spared, however Kaiba's monster will send Slifer back to Jared's hand when defeated.

Jared is enjoying this very even battle. Red-Eyes Black Dragon takes out another card. Jared makes direct attacks to Kaiba, taking him down to 500. Jared finds Polymerisation, and fuses his cards. The Dark Paladin has an attack power of 4900, and directly attacks Kaiba. Jared doesn't know what Dark Paladin's attack is, and asks the chat so he can chant it. The chat tells him to make it up! Someone suggests Sticks to Snakes!

Jared makes the attack and wins. Jared says that this battle was an awesome duel.

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