Jared shows off all the improvements to his farm and likes Abigail.

Be Still My Heart | Stardew Valley #6
Upload Date March 17th 2016
Series Stardew Valley


Synopsis Edit

Jared is still playing Stardew Valley, and is surprised how many people have requested him to play more of this game. Jared has played a lot more, and is now on the 22nd day of fall. Jared has improved his farm so much. His house is much larger now. He watches the TV. Jared shows off his farm. He has chickens now! He has several bee houses.

He waters his plants with his new watering can. Jared has a special crop that will grow throughout fall, and doesn't know what it is. Jared's chickens are named Holly, PBG, Yungtown and Kut-Ku. Jared collects the eggs. A meteor fell onto Jared's farm, and it was stuck there for a long time. Jared upgraded his pickaxe, and collected some ore from it.

Jared has cleared away most of the trees in his farm. Jared heads into town. Jared shows his stupidly powerful Obsidian sword. Jared shows the friendship system. Leah is difficult to impress. Abigail has a SNES and a poster of Chrono Trigger! Jared shows off the mechanics in the community center, and the benefits that occur from completing the tasks. Jared goes to see Abigail. Other characters also have different consoles.

Jared knows where the key is, but the character with it doesn't have a friendship stat, so Jared thinks that it has to do with donating stuff to the museum. Jared goes to the mine and goes fishing. Jared thought that level 100 would have been the bottom of the mine, but it isn't. Jared realized that he wasted a lot of ores, and lightning rods. A motorbike drives past Jared's window. Jared finds a better gold ring. Jared continues to find things in the mine, and finds rubies for the first time. He needs to leave as it is getting late.

A cutscene plays with Abigail in the graveyard. Abigail has been practicing her swordsmanship, impressing Jared. Abigail wants to go on an adventure. Abigail's dad sucks! Abigail and Jared run off together. Jared found that interaction adorable, and is liking Abigail a lot more.

Jared heads back home. He sells some stuff, and explains how he found a dwarf and got a scroll from it. Jared needs more chests to sort his stuff better. Jared is proud of his light in his house, and has a crystal thing that makes noises. Jared has to rock out before he goes to bed! Jared decides to make an update video every week or so to show what he is up to.

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