Jared, PBG, Hana and Mai go to the beach.

Beach Scene!! | Asagao Academy w/Atelier Heidi #14
Upload Date May 7th 2016
Series Asagao Academy


Synopsis Edit

Paul better feel bad for what he did. Jared thinks his roommate is Satch, and they talk through the other roommates. There is a machine in Jared's room, that is likely to be Satch's. Satch is the Donatello of Normal Boots!

Jared's mom would actually say that she wasn't angry, but disappointed. Heidi confidently decides to take the phone. They feel that it was a good choice to take the phone. Heidi makes an angry voice for Jared's Mother.

Mai and PBG are setting Hana and Jared up. The characters go to the beach. Heidi wants to see Jared in his swimsuit. Heidi and Jared agree that Hana wearing just her regular shirt looks nice. Mai is looking good in her swimsuit. Mai reveals that she has a crush now. It is obvious that it is PBG. It is clear that they are having a double date.

Jared laughs hysterically as Jared in his swimsuit is revealed. Heidi thanks the artists for this. Jared has never worn a speedo in his life! Jared does have tiny nipples! Everyone looks hot! PBG has a legitimate fear of sharks, and Mai tries to freak him out. Heidi laughs as Jared states that it is their third week anniversary. Jared enjoyed the beach scene.

Mai was clearly writing love notes to PBG! Hana was helping Jared make dungeons for D&D, which Jared finds adorable. Heidi agrees that Jared and Hana should practice for the tea ceremony they have been invited to. Jared can't handle Hana's cute voice!

It is tournament day, and they are worried that they haven't practiced enough. They still have 20 tournament points. The beach scene was really refreshing.

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