Jared shows off his boomerang skills, gets beaten up by lizards, and beats another boss.

Believe In Myself! ¦Zelda: Link to the Past RANDOMIZED #5
Upload Date August 25th 2016
Series Zelda: Link to the Past RANDOMIZED


Synopsis Edit

Everything is great! Jared makes progress past the moving floor. He hits a switch, to make sure that it is a trap. He leaves as skull snakes fall. Jared finds the switch to move onto the next area. The lizards do a huge amount of damage, and Jared is killed. Jared apologizes for wasting everyone's time by having to watch him get back to where he was again.

Jared shows off his boomerang skills. "Welcome to class, this is. Casual, yet very clutch, boomerang skillz 101!" Jared keeps on getting messed up by pink blobs on the moving floor. He spin attacks the lizards. Jared wishes he had a better sword. He is killed by the same lizard as soon as he enters the room. This is the ultimate Master Quest of the game.

Jared needs to get through the spikes without getting hit. He gets down to 1 heart! A lizard traps itself in a corner. Jared throws a block in with it. Jared is afraid to get close to the lizards. Jared complains that a lizard was not getting hit by his sword, and dies again.

Jared discovers a new heart location. Jared's new strategy is to push blocks at the lizards. Jared is desperate to open the chest. He gets to it, and finds the map. Jared finally makes progress by opening up the hole for the window. Jared walks into the next room as is killed by a bat. Progress has been made.

Jared jumps over an enemy. Jared realizes he still needs to go that way as he needs to hit a switch. Jared points out that he would normally have three bottles filled with fairies by this point. Jared fights some enemies with his hammer. The hammer doesn't work on the skeleton, but the boomerang does a little bit.

Jared gets trapped in a moving floor room, and tries to use the wand to make blocks to kill enemies. Jared is really happy with the wand. Jared opens up cell gates to save the girl, who says "I r not monster You can trust me".

Jared finds the magic cape in the big chest. This will allow Jared to get invisible. Jared enters the boss room. The monster appears, and it doesn't use its laser. Jared wonders if its laser is broken. The laser does a lot of damage, and kills Jared in two shots. Jared thinks about using the magic cape during the boss fight. Jared wonders how long these episodes go for.

Jared battles the boss. He blocks the attacks with his shield. Jared beats the boss and the dungeon! Jared now needs to find more treasures in the Dark World.

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