Bidumb using Headbutt against a Drowzee
Species Bidoof (Zigzagoon)
Status Dead

Caught Level 2, Route 1022, Part 2
Died Level 18, Route 1004, Part 9
Killer Lass Crissy's Paras
Biggest Success Defeating Rocket Grunt's Drowzee
Death Quote "NOOHO! AHHAHA!"
Bidumb was a male Zigzagoon with the appearance of a Bidoof in Jared's Dark Cry Nuzlocke. Bidumb became Jared's longest lasting Pokemon for the series, and Jared soon regreted calling him "Bidumb," and later gave him the nickname, "Bi- Only Hope For This Nuzlocke."

At his earlier levels Bidumb wasn't the best, but he did have the ability Pickup, and he picked up two impressive things, a PPUP and a Pecha Berry that saved Pachifetch's life.

Then once Bidumb learned Headbutt he became much better, taking out powerful opponents such as Rocket Grunt's Drowzee, killer of Derlen, and Swimmer Luis's Shellder.

Bidumb fell in the battle of Lass Crissy, where he was able to slightly lower Lass Crissy's Paras's attack when the battle first started. He was then switched out for Ekrah, and switched back in after Ekrah and Tarp had died. After being switched back in, Bidumb was able to get one more Headbutt in before falling to a Slash.

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