Jared fights the Teostra alongside Josh and Austin as Samas Aran from Metroid.

Bounty Hunting ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date September 12th 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Varia Suit

Weapon: Arm Cannon Hunter Style: Adept

Synopsis Edit

Jared interrupts a conversation between Austin and Josh. They will be fighting another legendary dragon. They are fighting the Teostra. Jared wears a Samas' Varia Suit! Austin enters with a Zero Suit Samas costume! Jared wonders why 'Metroid can't crawl' as he crawls along the ground!

They enter the fight. Josh gets hit with a strong hit. Austin is killed in one shot! Josh and Jared laugh at him. Jared screams as he gets hit by fire. Jared is killed on his second hit. They reset and continue fighting. Josh mounts the Teostra. Jared tries to be a distraction, but gets charged at. Jared takes a potion.

He gets charged at again. Josh also takes heavy damage. Jared dodges an attack, and is tackled pathetically. Josh mounts Teostra again. Something gets broken off. Jared paralyzes Teostra, while Austin shoots at it. Teostra flees. Jared tries to stand in the lava stream, and then takes damage.

Teostra flies a long way away. Jared can stand next to the lava! They find Teostra, and attack it. Austin and Jared attack from range, while Josh attacks close up. Austin barely survives being charged. Jared gets trampled. Jared tries to dodge, but can't. Teostra erupts, and Josh panics and almost dies. Teostra leaves again.

Jared has to eat a lot of steaks. They find Teostra in a tiny area. Jared fails to dodge a fire attack. Jared gets trampled as he heals. Jared is running out of healing potions. Josh takes another attack before mounting Teostra. They all shoot at Teostra, avoiding its attacks. Jared shoots and hits Teostra right on its head. Teostra runs away. Jared has one potion remaining!

Teostra is poisoned. It goes back and forth between Josh and the others. Jared says it will be easier to hit him if he keeps switching - then misses. It keeps on getting confused. Jared knocks it over. Jared is charged off the cliff. Jared heads back up. Josh wants to be with Jared, but Jared keeps moving to the opposite position. Austin is killed again, and they fail the quest.

Jared talks about the other costumes that are available. Samas prances at the end.

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