Jared solves some puzzles as he continues to be tortured by Mettaton.

Chainsaw Dick - UNDERTALE #7
Upload Date January 14th 2016
Series Undertale


Synopsis Edit

Jared explains the crazy robot from last episode. He looks at some stuff upstairs before moving on. Alphys starts updating its status and it is annoying. A Vulkin appears. Jared realizes he has one hit point, and forgot to heal! Jared makes it go away. Luckily, Jared finds a save point.

Jared finds a Tsunderplane, and cringes at it. The plane leaves, and Jared realizes he flirted with an airliner! Alphys finally calls Jared. Jared walks through and deactivates the lasers. Jared solves two shooting puzzles.

Jared finds himself in a cooking show with a killer robot! Jared applauds when he is told to. The robot pulls out a chainsaw after joking that the last ingredient is man. Jared thought it was the robot's dick coming up! Jared finds he has a jackpack, and can fly up to get the substitute ingredient. The robot throws things down at Jared. Jared thinks they look like pizza rolls. Jared makes it all the way up. Jared thinks of the cooking show as a distraction, and nothing else.

Jared infiltrates and starts singing. Jared talks to some odd characters. Some more amusing messages appear. A Pyrope appears and fights Jared. It gets really hot, as the Pyrope drops bombs. Jared needs to press buttons on a travelator to solve a puzzle. He only gets to press two, which is apparently enough.

Jared solves a puzzle about jumping across arrows, and it takes longer than he would like to admit. Jared thinks the character's are talking about Mewtwo. Two Royal Guards realize that they have to kill Jared. Jared finds himself on Mettaton's news report.

Jared finds a video game. Everything else in the room is a bomb! Jared begins to defuse the bombs. Jared struggles to defuse the present. Jared almost dies to the lasers. He defuese all the bombs. Jared complains that people keep on leaving! He started with ten, now he only has eight! Jared finds another spider web shop.

Jared has to solve another arrow maze puzzle, and solves it quickly. Jared fights another Vulkn and Tsunderplane. Jared gets killed by the Tsunderplane.

He skips to the next section where he solves another shooting puzzle. Jared tells Alphys what he wants to hear, and skips over his long text. He solves another shooting puzzle, and heads back into the arrow maze and finds the exit. He saves the game.

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