Jared and co get beaten up by a white chocobo, so they cower behind a windmill.

Choco Ballsy ¦ Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 #4
Upload Date October 4th 2016
Series Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3


Synopsis Edit

Jared welcomes to the Final Fantasy Nuzlocke whatever! Another cutscene plays out, and Jared summarizes it. Jared is disappointed that he only gets four people. He is in the Windmill Shed. Jared is confused by a white chocobo. Jared gets hit by a fireball from the chocobo. "That was a "ballsy" attack.......... Get it?" It did a lot of damage.

Jared beefs up his party. Jared steals some armor, and the chocobo heals itself. Jared is knocked down by an ice attack. brutalmoose is also knocked out on the same turn. Jared is surprised by an enemy jumping off a ledge. "Jesus! What is she some sort of leeping monk-ey!" Jared gets into trouble as PBG is taken out. Jared realizes that he is going to get a game over. Jared is revived.

Jared is attacked by the chocobo, but dodges all its attacks. "Hold in there ya blond bastard! But don't get to close to that wiegrad, he'll stab the shit out of" The wiegraf hits Jared. "What did I just say about getting close to Wiegraf?!"

PBG is revived. As his mage is knocked out by the chocobo, Jared is screwed. "Welp, you're boned!" Jared tries to blind Wiegraf by covering him in oil. "You didn't blind him! You just covered him in oil! Now he's just slippery! What good is that?" He gets his second game over.

Jared wonders if he needs to grind more. Jared will try again with a new strategy. He skips through the story and positions his team. His plan is to hide behind the windmill.

The party cowers behind the windmill, and the party attempts to buff the party. PBG can't be protected, and he is the one that needs it the most! PBG gets brutally attacked. Jared attempts to steal the white knight's sword but fails, and ends up being attacked.

Jared is killed by the chocobo. Delita is killed by the sword. Jared tries to improve his chances of stealing. "Just stab the fucker!" He fails to steal, and is killed again. "God damnit Jared pull youself together!" Jared is now frustrated and worried about dying again. PBG is now the last man standing.

Jared is revived once more only to have been killed again. PBG one shots an enemy with a counter. He gets his third game over. Jared decides that it will all be over with one more game over. He has to grind.

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