Chompit chompin' it at Solosis.
Species Sandile
Status Dead

Caught Level 15, Route 9
Died Level 18, Route 10
Killer Wild Sigilyph
Biggest Success Defeated Psychic Robert's Solosis
Death Quote NOOO CHOMPIT! NAOOOooo...Nooooomehhhh. Air slash....? bastard...

"She has one task, and it's very clear. If she sees an enemy...she'll CHOMP IT!" - Jared

Chompit is a Pokemon Jared caught at level 15. Despite being caught in Part 9 , she wasn't fully introduced until two episodes later in Part 11 , once the nefarious Psyduck took out both Pindil and Keeyot.

Jared quickly took fondness to Chompit when switched to his main team, mainly due to her effective performances of bite (chomp) and sand tomb. Her remarkable strength was consistent all the way through her run of 5 matches, notably finishing off a level 20 Staryu and soloing a level 22 Solosis and level 19 Electrike.

Sadly, Chompit met her fate only 3 episodes later from being caught, after being hit by a single air cutter from her second encounter with a Sigilyph.