Jared gives a review for Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review
Upload Date October 23rd 2014
Series Reviews

Score 8/10

Synopsis Edit

Civilization: Beyond Earth takes the Civilization series into space. This improves so much in the franchise, yet loses what makes the games enjoyable in the first place. The game follows the same gameplay as previous games. Build cities, armies and defeating enemies.

The physics and engine return from Civilization V, with its own updates. Rather than playing as a civilization, the player is a pioneer from an organization. The ability to choose your own civilization every time is great allowing the player to play however they want to.

There are a lot of options and replayability, but none are unique, nor memorable. No one has their own units, techniques or bonuses. The diplomats all look and act the same. Jared kept on forgetting who he was talking to. Jared describes this game as 'options'. There are many options given to the player throughout the game. 

The new Affinity system is the biggest addition. Completing tasks gives points, allow new abilities, units and a new way to win. It gives constant direction to the game. It's a very cool system. The new quest system gives immediate benefits for completing minor objectives. They are good for short term goals. It's possible to pick different bonuses for different buildings shortly after they are built.

The researching uses a web system allowing players to choose which path they want, without having to do extra research for it, and they all have minor extra research tasks underneath them. There is a lot of extra stuff to research. Should the player focus on one powerful goal, or invest in one that other people skipped over? Spies and covert operations have been enhanced. There is now control over what the spy does. These are more effective than ever before! Again, there are options upon options. 

Diplomacy is pretty much the same, and the interface has improved. Barbarians no longer exist, and now aliens do, and they are everywhere. Jared doesn't mind the aliens, its just the sheer number of tough enemies that affect Affinity points. They feel out of control, and make it difficult to expand colonies. Jared thinks they are overbearing.

Every planet is the same aesthetically. The game doesn't feel very spacey because of this. The new options make this game fun to play with every time. However, the game doesn't have the charm and personality of the older games. This is a very well polished strategy game. 8/10 This will take hours and hours of your life away - in a single match!

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