Jared explains the most embarrassing death he has ever experienced in D&D.

Coup De Grace - D&December Tales
Upload Date December 20th 2016
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

Jared asks what is the most embarrassing death the viewers have dealt the enemy. Jared was playing in third edition, and discusses the Coup De Grace. It is designed to one-shot an enemy. The party were sneaking around and they saw a few enemies waiting for them. The party started to come up with tactics.

While the heavy hitters would go fight the main enemies, Jared would fight the mages. Jared rolls a bad stealth roll. The sourcerer creates a boar to stop Jared from getting to him. Jared has to fight the boar. The sourcerer casts a spell at Jared - Sleep. Jared falls asleep next to the boar.

Jared was considered helpless, so the boar automatically gets a crit on Jared. Jared needed to roll a 24 at best. Jared needed to roll a 20 to not die. He rolled a 4. He was instantly Coip De Graced by a boar - in his sleep. It wasn't even a real boar! That was the most embarrassing death that Jared has ever had.

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