Jared is creeped out by a girl, and fights more monsters.

Creepy Kid Shit ¦ Resident Evil 7 #8
Upload Date February 10th 2017
Series Resident Evil 7


Synopsis Edit

Jared went back to the greenhouse to get more items he couldn't get before. He heads underground, and explains what he needs to do now. Two of the family members are down. A piano makes a noise, and Jared does not trust grandma. Jared finds a kid's room, making this creepier. Jared checks out a statue before investigating the rest of the room.

Jared finds a room full of goop. Jared's flashlight goes out momentarily. A girl tells him to stay away. Jared plays with a ball. Jared finds an obvious secret passage. He finds a hand on a dead person, and pulls it off grossly. The girl is standing outside the room he is in. She runs away, and circles appear on all the walls.

Jared tries to leave, but a black goop monster is in the way. It takes a lot of bullets. Jared insults her violin playing as another goop monster appears. The monster bites his hand.

Jared makes a monster follow him. Jared closes the door on him. Jared prepares to meet with Zoe. As he is about to leave the room, the phone rings. Jared prepares to meet Zoe in the trailer. Jared is annoyed that he got a phone call instead. Jared is told to look in the fridge. Jared finds the cop's head, and is shown a message to go back to the dissection room.

He finds a herb and a lockpick that were outside the whole time. Jared predicts that the boss will be a boss fight. Jared investigates the dark basement area again. It seems darker down here. Grandma spawns on the other side of a door. Jared wants to stab her. She is the worst! A monster jumps out of a wall and attacks. It doesn't take much to kill it.

Jared notices that there is a lot more goop around. Jared is told to stick his hand down a person's throat. Jared finds a clean key when he does. Jared will wait behind the door until the monsters go away. Jared laughs as he burns it through the door. It keeps on closing the door as Jared tries to shoot it. The monster finally dies, and Jared has to wait for the next one, which tries to go through the door. Jared shoots off all its limbs and walks away. Another monster appears, and Jared decides to find another way. Jared is surprised when the monster does not follow him. Jared opens the snake door, and breaks another bubble head. Jared closes all the doors so monsters can't follow him.

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