Continuing on from the previous two videos, Jared, Josh and Austin are still playing D&D.

D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver
Upload Date September 23rd 2014
Series D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver


Synopsis Edit

Jared, Josh and Austin are still playing D&D. Austin heals and saves the guy they were sent off to find from the last video. Jared shows the token they are using for Diath to the camera, as he looks like Angry Joe.

They find some more goblins that seem to be guarding a pool of water. They discuss tactics on how to fight which leads to very detailed tactics. This includes using lightning breath followed by throwing oil at them setting them on fire, followed by kicking them in the face. The lightning hits one of the enemies, but a wolf jumps out of the way. Unfortunately, Josh doesn't get to kick the enemy, but he is on fire.

The wolf manages to bite Austin. Austin falls over. Josh is struggling with just 1 hit point left. Eventually, Austin manages to decapitate a goblin off of a critical hit. Josh thinks about jumping off a cliff and sacrificing himself just to cause some damage. Austin heals Josh to get him back to 3 health. Josh now wants to chase the enemy down a 30ft chute and either grapple him or kick him. Josh falls on the guy and is unconscious.

They managed to successfully kill the enemy. Austin goes to wake up Josh. They joke about Josh waking up from unconsciousness asking if they got him.

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