Jared, Josh and Austin are continuing to play D&D.

D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver - Part 5
Upload Date October 7th 2014
Series D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver


Synopsis Edit

Jared, Josh and Austin continue to play D&D. They have entered the cellar. They search the room. Austin finds a bedroom. They can hear screams coming from the room, and Jared and Josh act out the screams. They get into a fight with some guys in there. One of them tries to swing a sword at them to get them out of the way and misses them with both of his strikes. They decide to just kill them all. After having to swim to find a satchel, Josh finds some bottles, 50 gold, and some clothes.

They get to a bridge and see a monster staring at them from the other side. Josh shows the token to the camera. The monster asks them if they have food, and they offer the guys they just killed. Since the guy is reading their minds, Austin is worried that he may be worried about offering his own men. Turns out he doesn't care! They carry the dead men across the bridge, and the monster eats them. Josh offers that every guy they kill as they plan on wiping everyone out.

The monster shows them that he has been feasting upon a dead guy for a week. They try to ask for the guy's stuff, but the monster has claimed everything. They are allowed to pass as long as they provide the monster with more food. After moving through the building, they can hear voices that sounds like something larger than goblins. They move to another door, and can hear some more voices as well as groaning and crackling noises.

The video suddenly ends as they decide what to do, and the rest of the game has not been uploaded.

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