Jared and company take on Final Fantasy XIV's Dun Scaith.

DBZ FIGHT!¦ Final Fantasy XIV - Dun Scaith
Upload Date January 27th 2017
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared and party came across a lady in the way to fight - which transforms into a weird creature, which is taken down easily. This time, two of the weird blobs appear. Jared is targeted with an attack that can blow up his allies, and he tries to run away.

A cutscene plays. Jared hopes the queen with giant hearts is friendly! Jared ruins his first attack and complains about it. Jared madly tries to escape an attack he wasn't expecting. It is hard to see how well they are doing when there are constantly dead people around! Jared "handles" a hand.

Chameras appear and become larger. Jared becomes frozen. Jared becomes vulnerable, however the party is handling the situation. A lot of things start to happen at once. Jared saves his party members from a hand. Jared screws up and is killed after being slowed down. Jared returns and helps finish off the fight. Jared gets an achievement.

The party starts another battle. Jared is amazed that he missed being attacked. Jared helps destroy a death gate. Jared is impressed at how cool that gate looks. It looks like something from DragonBall Z! More death gates show up that need to be destroyed.

The enemy makes a fusion, and Jared calls out "Fusion". The plan is to keep hitting it until it works! Jared is worried as the darkness closes in. Jared is surprised that he didn't die. Jared dodges the nightmare, and avoids walking off the edge because of a rail. Jared is killed by critical gravity. Most of the party is dead. Some members of the party are resurrected, but Jared hasn't! Jared believes that they will need to try again, but the party continues to try without Jared.

Everyone dies, so they go back to the start. Jared decides to use a dexterity potion during the fight. Jared's plan is to stab him - really hard. Jared tells one party member to stop messing around. Jared is the first one to reach the boss - and promptly gets taken down to half his health. DEEPS starts happening, and numbers are appearing. Jared fights in the portal again, and wins quickly. More people are dying, and Jared wonders what is happening when he is gone.

Jared is killed and quickly revived. Jared is killed after being targeted. Most of the party has been killed. Diablos is almost dead. The last few party members win the fight. The Dun Scaith is complete. Jared goes over the items he got from Diablos. Jared doesn't get any rewards.

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