Jared's just playing everything he's asked to play, and he's starting with Systematic Immunity!

DIE GERMS, DIE! - Systematic Immunity
Upload Date July 10th 2015
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Systematic Immunity. Jared discusses how YouTubers get emailed daily about people desperate for their games to be demoed. Jared usually ignores them, but has decided to change tactics and demo every game that comes to him!

He has no idea about anything about this game. The point of the game is to be white blood cells destroying the germs. The game also teaches the player in the same font that PBG uses!

Jared gets through the first two levels easily, and on the third loses some blood cells down pits, and so it takes a few attempts. The game is weirdly pleasant, as it reminds Jared of Pikmin and Lemmings.

Jared finds it amusing as he learns how to duck and roll, and the game begins to remind him of Super Meat Boy. He also finds the voices adorable.

Jared decides that he has to get the 'i' in each level without having any idea what they do. The blood cells get onto a moving platform as an enemy charges towards them, and Jared mistimes the jump and they all fall into acid! This happens several times. The game begins to get harder, as he gets to the level where he needs to roll.

The levels are super short, and the gameplay is alright. Jared likes the expressions that the blood cells have. The acid starts to chase the blood cells, and Jared panics. He makes it though after a few tries. Jared struggles to keep his blood cells alive but he eventually gets enough alive at the end.

He finds another rolling level. Jared recommends the game, and reads the final fact that appears on the screen.

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