Jared is playing Everquest with Austin (not PBG).

DING BITCHES - Everquest
Upload Date April 26th 2015
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing the original Everquest. Jared has bought his friend Austin (not PBG) along to play with him. Jared looks through the character choices. Jared is already lost as he begins. They don't know what to do. They find a fluffy grove hare, and Jared kills it. Austin is annoyed that Jared got more XP than he did,

They find a dragon. Jared swears in the chat, and the game censors it on Austin's screen. Jared heads down an elevator, and Austin tries to jump down to the bottom of one, and dies. Austin is now all the way back to where they started, and Jared moves on without him and fights a snake. Jared reaches level 2. There are a bunch of enemies in front of them, and they need to find a book. 

Jared repeatedly writes "Ding" in the chat. They kill a filthy vermin. They find a Canyon Queen and fight it. Jared is getting killed, and Austin tries to heal him. Jared attempts to run away from the fight but is killed. Austin kills the Canyon Queen.

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