Jared beats a dragon and finishes AD&D: Pool of Radiance.

Upload Date December 30th 2016
Series D&December

AD&D: Pool of Radiance


Synopsis Edit

Jared discusses his preparations before fighting the fighters again. Three fighters are helpless due to the stinking cloud. Hold Person also works on all three targets. Another Stinking Cloud takes care of another set of fighters. The party start killing the helpless fighters. Jared accidentally uses a lightning bolt, but it is OK as it did a lot of damage.

The rest of the fighters are killed, and Jared tries to heal the party, but it isn't working. Jared is awarded with a lot of magic items. Jared experiments with them, giving all the rings to each party member.

The dragon looks at the party with interest. Jared is confused by the fact that the game asks each character to vote. The battle with the dragon starts. Jared sneezes as a demonstration of the dragon breathing fire. The party spreads out. Holly's lightning bolt misses, and Jared is shocked. The game freezes for a moment, but it keeps going. The dragon is defeated. A demon threatens to possess a party member, but is taken away.

The party gets 45000 experience, and a lot of money. Jared goes to level up the party. The game won't let Brutalmoose level up. Jared identifies all his magic items. Jared forgot to use his magic arrows. The party rests, and Jared is proud of himself for beating the game for the first time. Jared explains that there is a sequel to this game, which features a save transition.

"Haha I always knew I could slay a dragon! They aren't so mighty after all! All he did was breath a bit of fire! Fire isn't even that scary to begin with! Well now that our adventure is over there is one last thing to do. Like, comment, and... SUBSCRIBE!"

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