Jared discovers that his Pokémon are not as they first appear.

Part 2: Peck
Upload Date September 22nd 2014
Series Dark Cry Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Bidoof (Bidumb, Route 1022, Lv 2), Pachirisu ( Pachifetch, Shinou Forest, Lv 4)
Deaths None
Starting team Fuhrdan (Lv 8), Derlen (Lv 9)
Ending team Fuhrdan (Lv 9), Derlen (Lv 10), Bidumb (Lv 7), Pachifetch (Lv 4)
Badges 0
Locations Route 1001, Shinou City, Route 1022, Shinou Forest

Synopsis Edit

Jared is yelled at by Rockets. Jared doesn't even know if he is supposed to get badges in this game. He goes to the Poké Mart, and discovers a Safari Ball for sale. Why is it so expensive? He buys some Poké Balls. Jared wants some Antidotes or Paralyze heals, but there is only a Burn Heal.

Jared finds a sign that has braille on it. Jared heads to route 1022. Jared sees Mewtwo hanging out! Jared finds a Bidoof. Jared hates Bidoof. The Bidoof escapes the Poké Ball multiple times. Jared wants to attack it to kill it, and Jared is surprised at how little damage he can do to it. Bidoof is caught and named Bidumb! Jared finds the name Bidumb stupid and funny. Jared is confused as Bidumb has Pickup even though Bidoof's don't get Pickup. Bidumb finds a PP Up!

Jared has realized that the cries of each Pokémon is different. Starly makes the noise of a Pidgey. It has the same Pokédex number as well. Jared realizes that the other Pokemon are different as well. Bidumb might be a Sentret, and he doesn't know about Fuhrdan. The Chatot from earlier was a Scarmory! Jared comes across Guidjuk as he finds that Team Rocket has many houses.

Bidumb takes on Starly, and lowers its attack. Jared makes his strategy. Jared wants Fuhrdan to be something weird like Magmar. Starly is take out. Squirtle appears - but Guidjuk didn't start with a Squirtle! Derlen uses gust to get a critical hit on Squirtle. Jared wins the battle. Jared wonders if his Pokémon will evolve into something weird.

Jared heals before heading into Shinou Forest. It is raining in the forest. Jared finds some important looking rocks. Jared notices that his reflection looks different to him. Jared sees a dead person with someone standing over him. Jared finds a Poké Ball and leaves. Jared finds a Pachirisu. Pachirisu uses Peck! Pachirisu is a Farfetch'd! He names it a combination of both Pokemon!

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