Jared's Pokémon are still very weird, and he battles Brock, who does not have a Geodude.

Part 4: That's Not Geodude
Upload Date September 26th 2014
Series Dark Cry Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Fuhrdan (Lv 10), Derlen (Lv 10), Bidumb (Lv 8), Pachifetch (Lv 8)
Ending team Fuhrdan (Lv 14), Derlen (Lv 12), Bidumb (Lv 12), Pachifetch (Lv 10)
Badges 1 (Boulder Badge)
Locations Rocky Village, Route 1003

Synopsis Edit

Jared is concerned about taking on Brock because most of his team are weak against Brock's Pokémon. After grinding in the forest, Jared noticed something else weird. Pachifetch is Farfetch'd, but is Electric / Normal type!

Jared battles a trainer in Brock's gym, who has a normal Geodude. Jared has to rely on Bidumb lowering Geodude's stats. Geodude constantly uses Defense Curl when Bidumb uses Tail Whip. Fuhrdan is sent out to use Ember to get around the defense. Sandshrew is the next Pokémon. It gets Embered to death by Fuhrdan. It appears the gym stuff is just like normal.

Jared is confused as Bonsly is Brock's first Pokémon! Bonsly uses Defense Curl just like Geodude would. Pachifetch lowers Bonsly's accuracy. A critical hit from Fuhrdan's Ember does very little. Jared is wondering why Bonsly isn't throwing rocks. Bonsly is finally burned.

Onix is the second Pokemon. Bidumb enters and lowers Onix's stats. Bidumb gets caught in the bind. Onix stops using the worthless Bind. Pachifetch is sent out to lower its attack, and takes a lot of damage from the bind. Jared then switches to Derlen to continue lowering Onix's accuracy. This is a weird fight for Onix. It doesn't have rock moves and rarely uses Bind. Fuhrdan's Ember does very little, but does enough to eventually take Onix out. Jared wins, and receives the Boulder Badge.

Jared is confused as he struggles to find his way around the town. He finds an Aide, who gives Jared the running shoes. The running animation likes bizarre. It looks robotic. Jared runs into Route 1003, and prepares to find a new Pokémon.

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