The shorts cult returns, a Spearow is trapped and Jared heads into Mt. Rocky.

Part 5: Fly Out, Stupid!
Upload Date September 29th 2014
Series Dark Cry Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Spearow (Nokenil, Route 1003, Lv 7)

Zubat (Jefina, Mt. Rocky, Lv 8)

Deaths None
Starting team Fuhrdan (Lv 14), Derlen (Lv 12), Bidumb (Lv 12), Pachifetch (Lv 10)
Ending team Fuhrdan (Lv 16), Derlen (Lv 14), Bidumb (Lv 15), Pachifetch (Lv 15), Nokenil (Lv 8), Jefina (Lv 8)
Badges 1
Locations Route 1003, Mt. Rocky, Route 1004

Synopsis Edit

Jared has reached Route 1003, and fights a trainer. Jared is terrified as a kid likes shorts! Jared regrets calling Bidoof Bidumb. Jared reads a sign that warns of a rock slide. Another kid cult member appears! Jared mocks a Spearow for not being electric type.

Jared battles some more trainers. One trainer can see from a mile away, but other trainers can't see very far at all. Jared finds a trapped Spearow, and wants to help it. Jared finds a Spearow in the grass to catch. Jared then realizes that the Spearow is a bird, and it should just fly out! Jared finds 8 Persim berries, before heading into Mt. Rocky.

Jared desperately does not want a Zubat. Jared believed as a kid that lowering a Pokémon's defense would increase its chance of being captured. There are holes in the ground. Jared decides to go past the trainer to go up. He finds a paralyze heal, and a TM. Jared finds that he can't jump down the holes. He wonders if they are just dark boulders! Another sign doesn't exist. Jared hasn't found a single hiker in this cave. Jared hasn't gone down any ladders, and gets frustrated by the Zubats.

He finds a hiker. Jared is worried, as he only has flying Pokémon. The Geodude gets a critical hit on Derlen. Fuhrdan comes out to get past Geodude's defenses. Fuhrdan sets all the rock Pokémon on fire. Fuhrdan learns peck! Fuhrdan evolves, and Jared worries that it might break the game, but it doesn't. It is now obvious that Fuhrdan was a Torchic.

Bidumb almost is killed by a Rattata. Fuhrdan takes on another Geodude, as his whole team becomes low on health. Jared sees the fossils up ahead, and Jared finds a Moon Stone he will never use. Pachifetch takes some critical hits on a Grimer.

Jared rolls his d20 to decide which fossil he will take. He gets a 20 for the Helix Fossil. Jared finally gets out and reaches route 1004. Jared wants to just get to the next city rather than catch a new Pokémon right away.

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