Jared fights a tough battle with a Team Rocket member, and desperately searches for a new Pokémon.

Part 7: Surviving
Upload Date October 6th 2014
Series Dark Cry Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Meowth (Ekrah, Route 1005, Lv 10)
Deaths Derlen (Lv 17)
Starting team Derlen (Lv 17), Bidumb (Lv 15), Tarp (Lv 10)
Ending team Bidumb (Lv 16), Tarp (Lv 13), Ekrah (Lv 10)
Badges 1
Locations Luciva City, Route 9, Route 1005, Route 1006

Synopsis Edit

Jared isn't even looking at a Team Rocket member and is forced to fight! Derlen takes a huge hit from a Machop. Derlen uses Gust, which critical hits, but leaves it with a hit point! Machop uses Leer, so Derlen can finish it with Quick Attack.

A Drowzee appears, and Bidumb comes out, only to be put to sleep. Jared becomes frustrated by how long it takes for Bidumb to wake up. Jared decides to lower its attack, and Bidumb is left with 2HP, before he switches to Tarp. Tarp gets put to sleep. Tarp becomes asleep and confused. Derlen uses Sand-Attack, and is then put to sleep. Derlen eventually wakes up, but is soon killed by Confusion. Bidumb finishes Drowzee off.

Jared is upset as the trainer wasn't even looking at him! Derlen is released - it was so close to evolving. Bidumb? More like Bi-onlyhopeIhaveforthisNuzlocke!

Jared finds Route 9 - not 1009. He can't pass as he needs cut. Mew is just hanging out! Jared is running out of options as he finds Meowth on Route 1005. Jared finds a bike lot, and is worried about finding trainers to fight. Jared sees the Day Care Center, but he can't reach it. Jared finds a great water place.

Jared wants Bidumb to pick up a Poké Ball - with a Zapdos in it! Jared heads down the underground path to route 1006. After finding Pokémon he has already caught, he accidentally walks into the path of a trainer he was trying to avoid.

Tarp becomes poisoned by a Weedle. Bidumb takes all the bugs out. Ekrah has pickup as well! Jared talks to a policeman, whose speech sounds like it came from a dumb 12 year old. Jared sees a double battle he isn't ready for. Jared could not find a new Pokémon in that route. Jared needs to grind before he can head up to Nugget Bridge.

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