Jared begins to date all his Normal Boots friends - including himself with his wife, Heidi.

Dating My Friends! | Asagao Academy w/ Atelier Heidi #1
Upload Date April 24th 2016
Series Asagao Academy


Synopsis Edit

Jared is joined by his wife, Atelier Heidi to play Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club. Heidi is cosplaying as Hana, and Jared is cosplaying himself. They have both been waiting for this game for a while now, and it is finally out! They thought it would be cute to play the game together.

Hana is so cute! They begin playing, and Jared yells "First!" when he sees that he is the first person to appear! Heidi notices that Jared is sparkling. Jared comments that his teeth are not straight. Jared laughs when he hears himself laughing in the game.

Eventually, they meet Mai. Jared points out that the music playing is a combination of Jon's theme and Jared's theme. They look at the dorm room, which looks cute. Jared and Heidi like Mimi's design. Jared appears in the game again. Jared is smooth! Jared laughs as Mai calls him the most beautiful boy in school! Now Mimi wants to know Hana!

The first decision is shown, and Heidi confidently states that she knows Jared. The Normal Boots group photo is shown, and Heidi and Jared scream in excitement. Jared is so full of himself! Even Jacques has a jacket! There is a moment happening between the Continue? guys. Jared wonders if PBG played soccer. Jared makes a Did You Know Gaming joke when Shane appears.

Hana's voice is so cute. Jared and Heidi laugh so loud when Satch speaks that Jared's earbuds fall out. Heidi thinks she knows who the boys are who are being mean to Hana. Satch defeats the jealous bullies with kindness. Mai is a babe. Jared has a lot of smiles so far. They decide to end the video as the first day ends.

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