Jared is going on a date with Papyrus!

Dating Papyrus - UNDERTALE #3
Upload Date January 10th 2016
Series Undertale


Synopsis Edit

Jared finds more X's to slide across. After falling off the edge once, he solves the puzzle. Jared finds multiple snow poffs. There is a Greater Dog that jumps up and attacks. Jared fights it, and gets tricked by the spear. Jared ends up being killed by the barks!

Jared gets set back before the puzzle, and stuffs it up! He soon solves the puzzle again. Jared struggles against it. He finally beats it. He finds the skeletons again. They decide not to use their broken trap, and Jared makes it to Snowdin. Jared goes into the shop.

The game continues to make jokes. Jared walks through the town. He finds a mouse with a scarf that is too big. Jared leaves town following an ice cube, and finds Papyrus again - nothing is going to happen.

Jared fights Papyrus. Jared flirts to it. Jared is confused by the fact that he is going to date Papryus. His soul gets turned blue. Jared struggles to hurdle over the bones, but he gets past most of them. He soon takes a lot of damage, but continues to hang in the battle, but isn't sure if he should be continuing to flirt. Jared gets down to 1 HP, and the fight ends and Jared is captured. Jared wonders whether or not he had to lose, but admits he screwed up.

Jared walks through the bars and leaves. Jared leaves town again, and thinks he screwed up badly. He tries the battle again, and he starts with the blue heart again. Jared messes up again. He feels that he doesn't get the game as much as everyone else seems to. It does have an interesting battle mechanic, but he isn't terribly impressed by it.

Jared succeeds to get past the skeleton. Jared reluctantly decides to be friends with Papyrus. Jared goes back to see the date. They head into Paprus' house. Jared comments that the game is making the same jokes he is. Jared likes the race car bed. The date begins.

Jared appears confused by all the images that appear, and tells Papyrus what he wants to hear. Jared's date power increases. Jared pumps himself up as he eats the spaghetti. There is so much date power that it goes off the chart. Jared gets cock-blocked! Jared decides that he won the date.