Daybo using Confusion on soon to be caught, Ulindap
Species Wurmple/Cascoon/Dustox
Status Dead

Caught Level 2. Route 101, Part 1
Died Level 29, Petalburg City Gym, Part 15
Killer Leader Norman's Slaking
Biggest Success Defeating Pokemon Trainer May's Combusken
Death Quote "NOOOooOOOOOooO! Alright, it's not a fighting move"
Daybo was a male Dustox Jared caught in his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. Daybo had one of the longest lifespans of the series, surviving about 14 whole parts.

As a Wurmple: Daybo was a Wurmple for a very short time, evolving very quickly because of the fact he is the early bug Pokemon of the Hoenn region. One of Daybo's biggest successes as a Wurmple was assisting in the capture of Rolic.

As a Cascoon: Once Daybo evolved, Jared was slightly disappointed he evolved into Cascoon rather than Silcoon since he prefers Beautifly over Dustox. While he didn't have many successes as a Cascoon, Daybo did assist in the capture of Warlon.

As a Dustox: Daybo was the best Pokemon on the team at the time the moment he evolved, mainly because he had already reached his final evolution. Daybo was good at taking out a handful of Pokemon in most areas due to the fact he had a wide variety of move types including Poison and Flying. Some of his bigger successes as a Dustox include defeating both Brawly's Machop and Makuhita and defeating Pokemon Trainer May's Combusken.

Daybo fell in the battle against Gym Leader Norman. Daybo took a big hit near the beginning of the battle, which took more than half his health. Then later, Daybo was switched into to fight a Vigoroth, which he managed to poison before being switched out again. It was then when Daybo was sent out to fight Norman's second Slaking, where he was immediately killed by a Retaliate.

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