Jared plays Dead Rising 4 at E3 2016.

Dead Rising 4 - Let's Play E3!
Upload Date June 17th 2016
Series E3 2016


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing the first let's play of Dead Rising 4. Jared is excited about this game because of Frank West. Jared discusses Frank appearing in other games that Jared liked. Jared discusses the exosuits. They won't be everywhere when the game comes out. Jared is saddened by the different voice actor.

Jared beats up the wave of zombies. Occasionally, Jared gets to use his crazy electric attack to kill everybody. Jared talks about the controls. Frank can take selfies like Wind Waker! Jared works out how to open a door so he can head into a building.

Jared can switch between weapons. He accidentally walks through a door rather than picking up an exosuit. Jared is told to kill ALL the zombies! He punches them like Iron Man. He then picks up some glowing Christmas presents, and uses them to beat up zombies! Jared finds that he can punch cars away.

The exo suit breaks off. Jared is having trouble with the controls. A servbot is sent out to attack some zombies. Jared forgets about the survivor, as the demo ends. Jared watches the demo, and wants all the weapons he sees.

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