Jared continues to play Alien: Isolation.

Dick Robots | Alien: Isolation
Upload Date October 30th 2014
Series Alien: Isolation


Synopsis Edit

Jared is still deactivating things and just saw someone and is trying to get out. Jared is proud that he has held his gun for so long without shooting it. Jared walks past someone facing another door and sneaks past him. Jared moves through another room, saves the game and gets to the elevator just before he could be caught.

After walking down a hallway, Jared follows a guy who is blocking his path, making sure he stays hidden. Unfortunately, he stands below a vent that the alien is hiding in and is killed. Jared is annoyed, and mentions that he forgot about the alien. Jared figures out that the alien drools from the ceiling and likes this feature. Jared tries to hide from one of the robots, but it sees him, and Jared starts shooting at it, but it doesn't work. Multiple robots come to attack. Jared manages to get away, and makes it to the elevator.

Jared reloads his gun, and realizes that he needs to put all of his bullets in as it is not done automatically. There is a robot dead on the floor, but it decides to attack Jared when he gets close. He manages to get to a save point. Jared reaches the injured person, and the area goes into a lock down. Jared wants to shoot her.

He continues to look around and will leave them if he can. Jared can hear someone talking and can't find where the voice is coming from. He doesn't trust the voice at all.

Jared reaches the psychiatric ward, and wonders why he should trust anyone. He finds a doctor there, and Jared doesn't trust him. He breaks into an office and sees some poker chips and a skeleton. Alarms start going off as Jared searches for a key card. The alien arrives, and Jared backs off and hides. After it is gone, Jared heads back out again. The alien walks near him again and keeps pacing right outside where Jared is hiding.

Jared waits for the alien to go past and gets into the next area. He can hear the alien still walking around nearby. Jared hides in a locker because he thought he heard something. Sure enough, the alien walks into the room. Jared waits for the alien to leave before bursting out of the locker. Jared gets caught by the alien and dies.

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