Doof fighting a Tentacool
Species Whismur
Status Dead

Caught Level 8, Rusturf Tunnel, Part 5
Died Level 17, Route 110, Part 7
Killer Pokemon Trainer May's Combusken
Biggest Success Sacrificing herself for the good of the team
Death Quote "NOOO! I already miss your butthole! ooh..."
Doof was a female Whismur Jared caught in his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. Doof was rarely used compared to the rest of the team, having the lowest level on the team when she died.

Doof wasn't one of Jared's better Pokemon, which is why she was rarely used. However, Doof has had some moments of success. One of her biggest moments is sacrificing her life so that Daybo could be safely switched into. However, this is not what she was intended to do.

Doof died in the battle with Pokemon Trainer May on Route 110. Doof was switched out into because she was in perfect condition to fight. Things didn't go as planned however, and May's Combusken used Double Kick and hit Doof once, doing major damage, then Doof healed herself up a bit with an Oran Berry. After that, the Combusken had hit again, this time getting a crit., and killing Doof.

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