Jared befriends Undyne and dates Alphys.

Double Date - UNDERTALE #11
Upload Date January 18th 2016
Series Undertale


Synopsis Edit

Jared is wearing a hat because it is cold in here. Jared has beaten the game, but when the screen blew up last episode, Jared wasn't able to recover the video. Jared was told that he should make more friends. Jared explains what happened at the end of the game. Jared believes that he did not get the best ending because he didn't go back to Undyne.

Jared goes to hang out with Undyne. Jared is amused by the character's awkward expressions. Papyrus jumps out the window, and Jared laughs and imitates Papyrus leaping out the window. Jared looks around Undyne's house. Undyne yells at Jared to sit down and be comfortable. Jared has to point at what he wants.

Jared points at Undyne! Eventually, he chooses the tea. After a lot of dialogue, Jared thinks they are going to fight, as he gets picked up by his hair! Jared finds it funny, and would watch this kind of cooking show, as he demonstrates the food being smashed. Jared has to stir really hard, and it gets to the point where the house catches on fire!

Undyne decides to fight Jared. Jared barely makes any damage to Undyne, and Undyne decides not to fight. Jared struggles to read some of the words Undyne says. Jared tells the viewer how awesome his fight with Flowery was, even though no one could see it.

Jared heads to the lab and talks to Alphys after Undyne wanted Jared to send her a letter. Jared goes on a date with Alphys. Jared decides that Alphys and Undyne want to date each other. Alphys tries to make small talk. They go on a date to the garbage dump! Undyne appears looking for Alphys. Jared feels crushed after being used by Alphys. He actually doesn't care.

Jared pretends not to listen as Alphys talks about how awesome Undyne is. Alphys decides to roleplay. Jared gets out his D&D set and pretends to play it with Alphys. Undyne appears again, and Jared decides that he won't need his dice anymore. Jared panics and pretends that they were playing D&D.

As the two get together, Jared decides that it is kind of touching. Undyne throws Alphys in a trash can! Undyne gets Papyrus to train Alphys. Jared tells everyone that anime IS real.

Jared can move around again, and is now friends with Undyne as he walks through the garbage. Papyrus calls Jared telling him to go see Alphys. Jared rides on a cat boat. He arrives back at the lab.

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