For his first D&December video, Jared makes a video about the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia.

Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia
Upload Date December 4th 2015
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Synopsis Edit

Jared was way past his 8 o'clock bedtime when he was 7 or 8 and his brother and friends were playing Dugeons & Dragons. Jared hid around the corner and listened. They were in a chamber with coffins, and all of them opened up revealing vampires! The magic user panicked and threw a fireball incinerating 6 of the vampires! He also scorched his entire party!

Jared thought it would be a good idea to go back to his 1991 edition of the D&D rules book. The book has seen a lot of use! The cyclopedia combined 7 basic books into one big guide. It had everything in it, and only cost $24.95!

Jared discusses the classes. Everyone was a human. Jared first played as an elf as he could use a sword and use magic - once per day. Jared talks about leveling. Jared doesn't think he ever made it until level 2 as the elf! Jared adapted to thief as his main class.

Jared talks about some of the more amusing moves like Sticks to snakes, which turns a pile of sticks into snakes! Jared thinks that spell is really funny! There are also dumb spells as well - although Growth of Animal would be a good follow up to Sticks to Snakes! The book contains different styles of combat that you wouldn't even think of.

The tables are really complicated, even though this should just be a basic level. Jared discusses some of the enemies that don't get used any more - like Yellow Mold! The art looks awesome. Not all of it was great though. Many of the pictures tell a story. Jared makes fun of some of the images.

Jared thinks it will be fun to make a character from the rules of this book. As usual, he will have a thief called Diath Woodrow. It went poorly! Jared's rolls sucked. His highest roll was 14, and was assigned to dexterity. 13 went to strength. His intelligence was 10. His charisma is also 10. His constitution is 7 and his wisdom is 6. He has no idea what is going on around him. His hit points is 3. He also didn't start with much gold either.

Jared tries sending Diath into battle. Diath was very dead! The rules were much harsher back then. Part of Jared misses THAC0. Diath needed 1200 XP to level up. If he had of beaten the monster, he would have got - only 25!

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