Jared gives his extended thoughts on Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

Extended Thoughts - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Upload Date February 26th 2013
Series Extended Thoughts

Score 4/10

Synopsis Edit

Jared is a really big fan of the Metal Gear franchise. Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of his favorite games of all times, and he used Metal Gear Solid 1 to break himself out of depression. He's always enjoyed the mythology behind the characters. Revengeance was a difficult game to score. It does have it's fun moments like the cutting mechanic that slows down time.

The game runs 60 f/s consistently. What was disappointing was everything else. The story is dumb, and changes itself three times! The final boss is a senator on steroids! The game tries to remind the player that they are playing Metal Gear like Codecs. The codecs in most Metal Gear games either build the story or the characters, and it didn't work here. Some of the codecs in previous games were unnecessary or long. Jared doesn't care about the characters, as they aren't interesting. They are just there. Jared says not to even play this for the story, and isn't even sure if it is canon or not!

The worst things were the stealth mechanic, as there is no point to it. Not every enemy can be stealthily killed. The gorilla robot dudes are really annoying to fight. Jared shows footage of him demonstrating this, and then it worked! Never mind! They are still pretty bad though! Jared was also bothered the whole game by the turrets section out of nowhere! It is obvious that they had to pad the game. An entire level is going backwards the same way out as a previous level. It was there for no particular reason.

Other dumb things: the parry button is the same button as the light swing. There is also no dodge button, so there is no way to cancel out of being grabbed and attacked. A notification pops up saying that the Defensive Offensive skill/dodge is better than he gave it credit for.

The boss fights are uninspired and repetitive, however Monsoon looks cool, but he'll do this smoke thing and throw buildings at the player. Jared was hoping that the cut mechanic would have puzzle elements in the boss fights to swing in certain ways except for 1 boss fight. Jared won't mark this against the game though. It wasn't 100% precise either.

Jared was thinking that it was fun, but had a lot of problems, and he was thinking of giving this a 4 or a 6. Does the fun mechanic make up for a lot of problems? Jared decided that it didn't and only required a 4. Jared recommends that it is not worth the $60, and should just be a rental. Don't expect too much.

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