Jared fights King Dedede, and the final boss of Kirby's Adventure.

FINALE! ¦ Kirby's Adventure #5
Upload Date January 24th 2017
Series Kirby's Adventure


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing a callback level to the very first Kirby game. None of the enemies have power-ups because there were none in the original game. Jared loses his fireball, and becomes suspicious of a door that allows him to go back. Jared thinks he sees the secret, and sings along with the music. He was wrong. He finds that he has to go into the moon right before the end of the level.

Jared prepares for the final boss. He decides to get the hammer. Jared fights King Dedede. He has a lot of hit points. It is harder then Jared remembers. Dedede can swallow Kirby too. Jared gets annoyed with Dedede, and wants to come back with Throw. King Dedede is defeated.

Dedede grabs Kirby's foot begging Kirby to not do it. Jared explains the final boss. This scared Jared as a kid because it was spooky. Jared tries to work out whether Dedede is a good guy or not. Jared waits to see the ground before he grabs the warp star to show how scary it is.

Jared fights a vampire, and explains how to beat it. This boss also scared Jared as a kid. Jared was doing so well, but is killed by a random star. Jared kills the vampire upside down! A part of the moon is destroyed as Jared beats the game, and reads through the final cutscene.

Jared is impressed by Kirby's perfect throw. Jared says Kirby's "Hiii!". Jared is interested in which abilities the credits suggest to use against the bosses. Jared wants to see his percentage.

The game says "Challenging guest" instead of "quest". Jared gets 100%.

"Hello this is Dream Land News. As you can see Mr Marshmallow has captured our king. The criminal has stolen the kings star wand. And he appears to be threatening to b. We fear that the only thing left to do now is... to click on these awesome videos as well as like, comment, and of course... sub for Ball, Sleepy Lady, and King Dedede."

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