Jared fights giants, giant snakes, and kills Tyranithraxus.

Fart Clouds ¦AD&D Pool of Radiance #7
Upload Date December 28th 2016
Series D&December

AD&D: Pool of Radiance


Synopsis Edit

Jared is interrupted in his opening by a gate that opens. Jared is attacked by boulders. Jared is surprised when he gets inside. He walks into a hedgemaze! Jared now has to fight fire giants! Jared uses a fart cloud again! Jared makes Holly run away. One of the giants is killed after gagging. The last giant is surrounded by all the characters and starts panicking until it is killed. Jared heals the party and rests.

The party is attacked by giant snakes. Jeff is running out of arrows. PBG gets poisoned and is killed. Jared realizes that he had a snake charm spell! He restarts the game, and realizes he should have saved after the giant fight.

Jared is getting attacked by giants, and promises that he didn't take anything! "That's a lie. You took two magic swords which you threw on the floor moments later." The giants are defeated. The party is attacked with more boulders.

The ceiling collapses in a room they get into, and Jared rests. Jared discusses how to get access to the stronger healing spells. Jared is annoyed as the door becomes locked again. Jared attempts to charm the giant snakes, and it works on some of them. Ian is killed, and Jared has to restart. Jared wants to beat this without his friends being dead. He restarts again and apologizes after trying something out. And once again after the party is attacked multiple times by boulders.

Jared walks through the maze, and discovers that he can cut through them. Giant snakes attack. Jared panics as he is worried about the snakes poisoning the party. The snakes are all killed. Jared sees a group of trolls, and they fight. A fireball hits all of the trolls. Jared is knocked out by the trolls. The trolls are defeated. The party rests.

Jared makes sure he has Snake Charm, Knock and Fireball. Jared is playing the 'long con' with evil. Jared wanders through the maze. He walks into the building and gets into a fight. He fights Tyranithraxus - who Jared thought was a dragon. The thieves can't be hit by Jeff's arrows. Jared kills Tyranithraxus using Hold Person.

The thieves flee in a panic. The party chases the thieves. Jared finds some magic items on the thieves. Jared tries to figure out what the magic items do. Jared is surprised at how powerful the items are. Jared decides who to give the items to.

"Can you believe that Tyranithraxus! What a push over! One Hold Person spell n' a quick stab and he's dead! Some king he was. Now we just have to find the man behind the throne and it should be over. But until then you know what to do. Like, comment and.. subscribe!"

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