Jared went to a preview event to see Fire Emblem: Conquest.

Fire Emblem: Fates Special Preview!
Upload Date January 26th 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared was invited to a Nintendo Hands-On Event for both Fire Emblem games. Jared is playing Fire Emblem: Conquest. It starts with a pretty cutscene. The mission was in chapter 10 or 11. A while into the game. Jared shows off the new characters. Corrin can turn into a dragon! Arthur sucks!

Jared tells how he had to defend for eleven turns. It took him 50 minutes to do! Jared tells his plan to get through the puzzle. The camera will zoom in to where the characters are fighting for the battles. Arthur was being useless. Jared talks about some of the unit types and abilities.

Backup shows up, and all the soldiers are badasses! Camila destroys people! Be sure to use her! Jared shoots over the wall at the enemies with his archer. Jared gets a lot of money from an old man. Jared thinks it is funny that his dancer got a kill after his other attacks can only take the enemies down to 1 HP. Jared discusses the support screen on the bottom screen.

Jared couldn't work out how to use the ballistic orbs until much later. No one at the event knew how to use them either, but Jared figured it out! Jared experimented to find out answers to his questions, that the Nintendo people didn't know. Jared shows how he got Niles to use the ballista.

Jared couldn't find how to speed up the enemies turns. Jared wants Arthur to die, and won't last very long when Jared plays this game! Arthur dies! Jared completes the stage. Jared found out that the ballistas do hurt your team mates.

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