Jared makes a let's play video of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Five Nights at Freddy's
Upload Date September 15th 2014
Series Five Nights at Freddy's


Synopsis Edit

Jared has been getting a lot of messages about Five Nights at Freddy's, asking him if he's played it. He hasn't heard of it, and then he found out that it was a horror game. He's even turned off all the lights to make it really scary!

Jared is rarely scared by horror games, so he's not expecting much. Jared listens to the phone guy's message. Jared eventually becomes frustrated by the message. He investigates all the mechanics the game has. He makes fun of the animatronics. He finds them hilarious.

He gets through the first night with no trouble at all. Jared quickly becomes bored. Jared discusses how stupid some horror games are, which is why he made the Slender video. Jared sees Foxy sprint down the hall and starts laughing before he is killed by Bonnie. Eternal Darkness was really the only horror game that actually scared him, because it was a different kind of horror.

He tries the second night again, and gets caught by Foxy. On his third attempt, he calls Foxy "Sprinty Jackass". The screen flickers with "It's me". He finishes the second night.

Jared begins the third night. He looks through his cameras a lot more, and needs to close both doors because there is an animatronic at both doors. Jared can see how this can be stressful for people. In the last hour, he runs out of power. He manages to succeed, even though one of the animatronics is staring right at him.

He manages to get to the fourth night, and Jared is beginning to come around to the game's concept. Sprinty Jackass runs into the door and Jared laughs at him. Sprinty Jackass continues to run into the door several more times, and the power goes out again. Freddy is standing at the door and Jared accepts his death. He can hear his laundry alarm and tells it that playing his scary game is more important than his laundry.

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